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the years

have brought lessons



The span of my career exist in many moments of rush and reflection.

From kick off ~ upon winning, then produce, to post-production ~ upon learning.

My experience is a framework of where I have been and what I have done.


The shop floor has been my school.

I’ve been through web, offset and wide format printing.

Trade houses, Mom and Pops, Service Bureau, Agency,  and back again.

Long hours, quick turns, work shortages and production overflow.

I’ve scheduled, managed, produced, created, rallied and guided.

Color theories, control theories, management theories, structure theories, fun at work theories.

It has been an interesting path, and the people I have met, have made it so much more.




I have found that a patient outlook helps.

Humor is always needed.

Organization and schedule adherence should not be overlooked.

A calm approach and abundant support is essential.

Time passes, but our impact on this planet should not be made in haste.

Communication is interpretive, and needs to find it’s way through the topiary maze.

While you’re there, don’t forget to take a look at the sky above and the ground you stand on.

There’s always a way.




It’s very easy to put words on paper, but making something worthwhile... that’s the trick.

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